The History And Evolution Of Testosterone

The Earliest Use of Testosterone
According to the International Journal of the History of Sport, the earliest use of testosterone was by Russian Olympians between 1950 and 1960. This made them to dominate the 1954 World Weightlifting Championships in Austria. As a result, the Americans developed their own synthetic version of androgen.

A lot has happened since 1954. Scientists developed many other steroids including Trenbolone, Dianabol, and Anavar. Most of these were simply derivatives of testosterone. Since the success of the Russian team the prevailing thought in the world of sports was that you had to use steroids so that to win. This led to widespread use of steroids.

Testosterone Developments in the US
Experimentation with testosterone for performance enhancement began in the US in 1955. Leading physicians including Dr. John Bosley Ziegler, Bill March and John Grimek, spearheaded this experimentation.

The first US androgen test subjects were Jim Park, Yaz Kuzahara and Dr. John Ziegler himself. The first results were disappointing but latter results were encouraging.

Ziegler was involved in developing steroids while working for CIBA Pharmaceuticals. Eventually, he developed a testosterone derivative called Dianabol. Ziegler developed this solely for performance enhancement. It facilitated the success of the US Olympic team in subsequent Olympic Games. You can use testosterone for sale and Dianabol in a stack. Anybody can buy testosterone shop locally or online.

In the earlier years, people only used the injectable alternative. This was because of the ineffectiveness of the earlier oral options. With time, due to improvement of underlying techniques, it was possible to develop highly effective oral tablets.

Before Testosterone Synthesis
Humans cannot give themselves the credit of inventing testosterone. The much that scientists can say is that they synthesized this hormone or rather they came up with the chemical version of the natural version that naturally exists in the body of every human being. Men have higher levels than women do. That is why people call this substance the male hormone. It is responsible for masculine characteristics such as deep voice, beard, sexual libido, and muscular body.

Even before the synthesis process, there is evidence that sports people were using performance-enhancing elements and most of them it seems had an element of testosterone. For example, the ancient Greeks used to eat bull testicles with the hope that it will make them to perform better in Olympics. Australian aborigines had many plants that they believed enhanced performance. According to ancient Norse warriors, hallucinogenic mushrooms were the secret to better performance at war. Every culture had something considered to have androgenic value.

The Evolution of Testosterone
Physicians developed androgen for performance enhancement. However, since the first synthesis, scientists have found many other uses of this element. The competitive nature of humans inspired the creation of this hormone. Everyone wanted to be the best in Olympics. The prevailing cold war at the time ended up in sports pitting the US against Russia.

In the modern day world, synthetic testosterone has emerged as an important element in medicine. Doctors usually prescribe it for impotency, premature ejaculation, and low sexual libido. Medical practitioners also use it to induce puberty in boys who fail to develop post-adolescent male characteristics.

Androgen has evolved from being only a performance-enhancing drug to being something with cosmetic enhancing value. You can buy testosterone for cosmetic reasons. Many people are using testosterone for sale to speed up the muscle building process. This hormone facilitates solid muscle gains and helps an individual to lose weight.

Testosterone Is Here To Stay
With the development of powerful anabolic steroids like Trenbolone, people thought that testosterone was on its way to extinction. However, it has remained relevant in medical, bodybuilding, and sexual enhancement circles. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), considers testosterone as an important element with a number of benefits and uses.

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